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With over 25 years of experience, our team is well-equipped to meet your drug discovery needs

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CAR-T cell function and activation | T cell activation | Autologous CAR T-Cell Therapy | Chimeric Antigen Receptor, CAR, T-Cell Therapy

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We utilize a wide array of state of the art technologies.

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Assay Development

Providing oncology drug Screening Assay for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We have developed methods for cancer stem cells (CSC) isolation from cancerous tissues and CSC enrichment by selective culture. The CSCs can be used for testing with antitumor agents and oncology drug screening.

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We will use our deep scientific know-how, broad and versatile expertise in cell-free, cell-based, molecular, and functional assays to provide service to pharma and biotech companies in following areas:

  • Cell Interaction and Cellular (ligand-, and cell-induced) Activation Assays, especially in CAR-T cell function, potency and target cell (de)activation.
  • Cell Signaling and Protein Phosphoprotein Assays
  • Protein Pharmaceuticals Qualitative, Quantitation, and Kinetic Assays